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Prime Minister Of Japan

Japanese Government announced to accept more foreign workers with these skills . 

The Japanese government will consider allowing more foreigners with professional and technical skills to work in Japan to help deal with the severe labor shortage.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe instructed officials on Tuesday to draw up specific measures to accept more foreign workers with specialist skills. But they will not be allowed to bring their families, and the duration of their stay will be limited.

Prime Minister Of Japan

The government will set up a joint working team of officials from the relevant ministries to study an expansion of the number of foreign workers.

Work visas are currently issued for 18 professional categories, including university teachers, doctors, and lawyers.

The team will examine the labor shortages in 6 sectors — nursing care, construction, transportation, services, retailing, and agriculture.

The members will also review the requirements for work visas, such as Japanese language proficiency and professional qualifications.

The government plans to draw up proposals on reforming the country’s immigration system by the summer, with an eye to revising the immigration control law. It hopes to include these ideas in its basic economic and fiscal policy.

Source : NHK

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